Workplace Wellness

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"Feedback is always positive from Laura's presentations, everyone who attended was talking about it! Thank you for the excellent presentations"Lynn, HR Advisor, INS

Why do your employees need our Nutrition Wellbeing Programmes?

Nutrition is often overlooked when it comes to workplace wellbeing. It can be a missed opportunity to make a significant difference to not only how your employees feel, but also perform (hands up who'd like to avoid the '3pm slump'?!). Declining levels of vitamins and minerals in our food chain, together with 'fake' healthy foods mean it's more important than ever to understand how to make educated choices that nourish both body and mind.


Our nutrition programmes help your employees to create habits which deliver improvements to sleep, mental wellbeing, energy levels, alertness, focus and weight management. Everyone should be given the opportunity to thrive, but many people simply don't know the best steps to take to get there.

Research has shown that poor diet can impact productivity by up to 66% (Source: Brigham Young University). And with 75% of adults still not reaching the recommended ‘5 a day’, our wellbeing programmes and workshops can make bridging this gap simple and quick, educating and motivating employees to adopt healthier habits for the long term.

What to expect

We offer a broad range of workshops and programmes which can be tailored to your company needs.

We pride ourselves on the depth of knowledge and content in our wellbeing packages, covering a wide range of topics, delivered with a passion to inspire action and results.

Our workshops receive consistently high feedback because we:

  • Focus on evidence based, surprising truths about our diets that are often hidden by the media

  • Offer a practical approach to working, family and busy modern lifestyles

  • Fully educate employees using interactive exercises to help embed wellbeing initiatives into the heart of your company

Our Workshops can be booked either as a one-off, seasonally to create a regular focus on wellbeing, or as a full day event as part of your wellbeing week.

Or choose our 6 Week programmes, offering your employees the chance to delve deeper into their dietary and lifestyle habits to create lasting change.


Choose a package below or create your own bespoke Nutrition Wellbeing Workshop or Programme! Get in touch for a no-obligation chat about your requirements - Call us on 07782 325210 or email

Workplace Wellness Client Feedback

"I thought the presentation was extremely interesting and beneficial, really enjoyed it!”

“A very interesting talk, presented in a different way to other “healthy eating” talks (focused on the workings of the body/digestive system perspective), which meant this was very useful, new and informative."

“Laura was very good and dispelled some myths we all hold!”

Workshop attendees, International Nuclear Services, 2018
"I have lost 7lbs in weight, feel more energised and sleep better. I have less headaches also. I loved the meal ideas, there were lots of foods that I thought I couldn't eat from past diets. I have genuinely enjoyed the entire programme and have learnt a lot about nutrition and health"
Katie, HR Advisor Fairhome Group
"I'm now more energised, generally healthier, more interested in food and my health!"
"Since starting Total Loser I feel much better in myself and have lots more energy"
"It was very informative and effective and I have changed some bad habits for good - a great course!"
"I feel clearer headed and more energetic"
​'Total Loser' Participants Fairhome Group, 2018

Choose Your Workplace Wellness Package...

Is Your Workplace Culture Nutrition-Smart?

Are Your Employees Thriving or Just Surviving?


Putting Nutrition at the core of your staff wellbeing plans can boost productivity, performance, morale and reduce sickness absence.


Wellbeing Workshops

Select your workshop from our available topics for 2020:

  • How to Thrive, Not Just Survive - The 3 Foundations of great health

  • Build a Strong, Healthy Immune System - Find out which foods have a big impact on our ability to fight infection and how to add them into daily meals

  • Optimise Your Gut Health - A key foundation of health that everybody needs to know about.

  • Healthy Ageing - How to reduce your chances of developing the key diet-related diseases

  • Be Your Own Food Doctor - 5 ways to manage pain, blood pressure, cholesterol and the common cold through your diet

  • The 5 Nutrition Habits of Highly Successful People

  • Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing & Performance  - Simple Steps to help improve mood, concentration, alertness, memory and reduce anxiety

  • Detox your life & Re-energise - Our world is overloaded with toxins that can negatively impact health and energy levels. Find out which hidden toxins to avoid and which are the best foods to help your body to deal with them effectively

  • Eat to Boost your Energy and Sports Performance - Find out how to increase energy levels at any age and the right foods to build stamina and recovery after exercis

Total Loser Programme - Manage Weight & Boost Energy

  How Many Years will Your Team Lose with 'Total Loser'?

For the most accurate way to measure your employees body composition profile, we use professional Tanita bio-impedance scales to read: Body Fat %, Muscle-mass, Visceral fat, Hydration and Metabolic age. As your employees progress through the programme, improvements are recorded.


Total Loser pulls the team together to compete for a joint health goal!

An example programme includes:

  • Introductory workshop, handouts, recipes and body comp. readings

  • 2 further nutrition-based workshops supporting progress

  • 2 x exercise based (theory & practical) sessions

  • Weekly motivational email with focus points

  • Final readings / presentation of Total Years Lost, Total Body Fat lost

Ideal for raising awareness and achieving buy-in from your team into joining a wellbeing programme (most people are fascinated by their metabolic age!)

Tasting Demo Days

Tasting Demo Days - A full or half day, typical programme includes:

  • Healthy goodies to sample

  • A practical demo to explore how easy it can be to make heathly and tasty breakfasts, packed lunches and snacks.

  • Recipe pack

  • Mini-consultations throughout the day from our Registered Nutritionist to advise staff on specific needs