Forest Path


Welcome Home to the Woods!

Experience a deep connection to nature through a series of mindful & sensory invitations. Bathe in the seasonal beauty of the woodland, allowing time to stop, reflect and just 'be' with a restorative journey through 'Shinrin Yoku', The Japanese practice of Forest Bathing where
the Forest is your therapist and I am your guide.

Forest bathing experiences are an opportunity to escape our fast-paced lives, feel grounded and reconnect with our true self. They allow a sense of wonder and curiosity, the freedom to be present and to feel alive. Most of us live in a 'switched on', urbanised environment, overworking our brains and depleting our energy, but for over 99% of our existence as humans we lived as part of the forest ecosystem. Engaging in nature therapy brings us back 'home' into equilibrium, calming both body and mind using the healing powers of the natural world. Researched benefits include:

  • Reducing stress hormone levels and blood pressure

  • Increasing immune system function, boosting 'natural killer' cells 

  • Improving mood and memory, reducing anxiety

  • Lowering heart-rate and feelings of anger

  • Increasing intellectual capacity, emotional bonding, creativity and imagination

   (Simply walking in a forest can offer some benefits, but failing to switch off our busy minds & connect (or worse, checking our mobiles!) will limit any positive effects)



As your Forest therapy guide, I will take you through a series of mindful, sensory activites designed to help you quieten your mind,

fully engage with your surroundings and transition into a calm, peacefully present state. I am qualified as a Shinrin Yoku

practitioner and Forest Therapy Guide, trained by Nature & Therapy UK. I spend time in natural environments daily,

am trained in outdoor First Aid and have extensive experience working with groups


Please see below for details of locations and experiences available.

Forest Path

Where your experience begins....


Alderley Edge

Alternative locations available on request

Delamere Forest

Purple Rocks and Flowers

Worsley Woods

"Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them,


whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth."


Hermann Hesse

 Forest Bathing Guided Experiences

Workplace Wellness - Team Forest Bathing Experience

A group guided session for work colleagues available at all 3 locations (A bespoke walk can be created at a location of your choice for an extra fee). A meeting room-based introduction to the science and philosophy of Shinrin Yoku is an optional add-on to your forest-based experience

The Details

This eco-friendly experience includes an orientation, activities to shift the switched-on mind to a fully present state and awaken the senses with an easy walk of a maximum of 2 miles. Activities may be solo, paired or as a group and involve both standing and sitting with an opportunity to share insights together

Ideal Group Size: 2-12 people   Duration: 2 hours   Cost: £300  Booking: Via email/phone / 07782 325210


A Unique and Personal Experience - 1-2-1 & Small Group Forest Therapy

Create your own space and time away from it all alone or with friends to slow down and feel more connected with nature and self. Individual or group guided sessions are available at Worsley Woods or Alderley Edge

The Details

Your experience includes activities to engage and calm your mind to facilitate nature connection and an easy walk of a maximum of 2 miles. Activities may be seated or standing / walking and we will have a seated tea or cacao ceremony and discuss your insights and experience at the end of the session

Group Size: 1-6 people   Duration: 1.5-3 hours   Cost: From £60  Booking: Via email/phone - / 07782 325210


Local Taster Forest Bathing Sessions

For summer 2022 I am celebrating the addition of Nature Therapy to my practice and am offering introductory opportunities to experience Forest Therapy with me free of charge!

The Details

We'll meet at the woods and begin a short walk, engaging in mindful activities to connect to nature and awaken the senses. Activities within the group may be solo or paired, involve both standing and sitting and culminate in a final circle with a short tea or cacao ceremony and an opportunity to share insights together

Group Size: 8 places available  Duration: 1 hour   Cost: Free   Location: Worsley Woods

Booking: Via Eventbrite, here: ..........

Here's the essential info about a Forest Therapy session with me......
  • You don't have to lie down to 'forest bathe' (and you'll also stay fully clothed!)

  • There is no requirement for previous knowledge or experience or a particular level of physical fitness other than to be able to walk fairly slowly for no more than 2 miles (and to be prepared to 'wild wee' if necessary)

  • Terrain can vary between unsurfaced woodland paths and there may be some mud! There can also be exposed tree roots and sometimes gentle inclines

  • Events go ahead come rain or shine (but not in high winds), so please be prepared with warm clothing and waterproofs, sturdy shoes, SPF and clothes which cover your arms and legs to avoid midge bites (summer)

  • I provide wild & herbal tea and a little snack. Please bring your own cup or small mug. If you often get peckish you are welcome to bring additional snacks and it is sensible to bring your own bottle of water to keep you well hydrated. You may also wish to bring a journal to take notes about your experience

  • There will be no wi-fi in the woods (but we want you to find a strong connection!) Please switch off or leave your mobiles at home

  • You can engage as little or as much with the group as you wish. I offer you the chance to share any reflections at the end of a session, but it’s all optional and nothing is forced. Introverts are quite welcome to come and experience and say nothing at all!

  • What you may see, feel or experience is unique to the individual. Some exercises are quiet and introspective whilst others are more fun and playful

  • Experiences are for adults and children over 12 (youngsters usually don't need much help to curiously interact with nature!) To consider the wider group you'll share your experience with, dogs are generally not permitted (unless agreed prior as part of a 1-2-1)

  • How do I book? Group events are listed and bookable on Eventbrite (see links below). Please email me with your requirements for corporate sessions or to arrange a 1-2-1 or bespoke group session at a time to suit you

Call me on
07782 325210