Meet Laura

Laura Johnson BSc (Hons) CNM Dip MBANT CNHC

Lecturer, Registered Nutritional Therapist, Co-Owner Feel Great Formula LLP

Laura's story

"Nutritional Therapy is not about living longer, it's about helping people to live to their full potential, feel great when they get up in the morning and stay in good health for as long as possible. Thanks to my change in career and outlook I have more energy and feel more resilient now in my 40's than I did in my 20's, and you can too."

I've always loved food, I used to eat pretty much anything (except green peppers, ugh!) - I liked my veggies but I was the biggest sugar addict - I could eat a whole packet of biscuits in an afternoon! My Nana used to put out a Sunday platter of treats and I'd scoff through several slices of cakes & puddings finished off with a secret choclate bar whilst hiding in the pantry!

But by my early 20's I was far from thriving. I had classic brain fog, bloating, allergies, fatigue and fluctuating moods. I didn't feel like I would ever achieve too much in life because I had poor energy & stamina, needed so much sleep that I'd often miss a whole morning at the weekend or feel like I was dozing off around 3pm at work (and did I mention my cravings for starchy and sugary foods were off the scale?!)

I noticed when I made the effort to cook from scratch and cut out certain suspect foods I felt a little better, so I started to read more about the power of food as medicine. I had a long way to go (hello a stressful few years, candida & alopecia!), but I began studying Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London (CNM).

I soon discovered the causes of my own health problems were many, including: nutrient deficiencies, poor blood sugar control, gut dysbiosis, food intolerances and a genetic susceptibility that makes it difficult for my body to detoxify certain substances. I I had to work hard on myself if I was going to set a glowing example to the clients I dreamed of helping in the future!


In 2011 after a move to the North West, I started practising Nutritional Therapy to help others discover the root causes of their symptoms and take the right steps to feel better. Having been through my own challenges I understand that big diet & lifestyle changes aren't an overnight process for most people and can be daunting.


I'm now a well-established Nutritional Therapist, continually learning and developing my skillset and inventing new recipes. I'm still as passionate about Nutrition as an essential lifetool as when I started studying 12 years ago and I now tutor at CNM Manchester, (which is something I didn't believe I'd ever have the energy to do when I was a student there myself, I'd stare at the lecturers in total awe!)

When I'm not lecturing, seeing clients or working on my business, Feel Great Formula, you might bump into me up a mountain, (with or without skis!), dancing or yoga-ing, or relaxing with loved ones and occasionally hiding in the pantry eating (raw, dairy free) chocolate!

The average person thinks about food dozens of times a day. Those thoughts should be happy ones! Work with me to make simple, lasting changes that can have a dramatic impact on your health, happiness and improve your relationship with food"

That was me (the big blue one on the left!) until I started working through my health issues and understanding how food was affecting my body!"